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NeoGen Plasma uses a highly energized gaseous state known as plasma to penetrate the superficial and deeper levels of the dermis to replace damaged collagen and encourage new collagen and elastin growth. Plasma is produced inside the hand piece through the combination of nitrogen gas and ultra-high radio frequency.

What results can I expect from the NeoGen?

The results from the NeoGen Procedure are significant. An individual can expect immediate tightening on the treatment area with minimal discomfort. Through the course of several weeks and months, new “baby” skin begins to surface. Studies have shown that the NeoGen treatment promotes ongoing improvements up to 2 years with collagen regeneration continuing for more than a year after treatment.

Results are firmer, more youthful-looking skin, tightening of the upper and lower eyelids and improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye circles.

What is the downtime for the NeoGen?

Depending on the depth of the treatment, and how well the patient’s skin is previously conditioned, the downtime can vary. Typically, the patient will experience 3-7 days of hard downtime. Patients can expect to peel significantly for several days after the treatment.

What areas of the body can be treated with NeoGen?

There are many areas besides the face that can be treated with the NeoGen. The face, neck, chest, hands, Cesarean scars, breast implant scars, acne scars as well as many other areas can be treated with NeoGen.

Who is a candidate for the NeoGen?

Patients with light-medium skin tones are great candidates for the NeoGen. Patient’s who have acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage or hyper-pigmentation are candidates as well. Patient’s must have well-conditioned skin prior to treating with NeoGen.

Key benefits:

  • Lifts & tightens skin
  • Smoothens texture
  • Improves overall skin tone
  • Anti-aging

✓ Improves the appearance of both superficial fine lines and deep wrinkles with enhanced skin tone and effective skin tightening.
✓ High safety margin without any risk of injury to the eyes, providing exceptional all round periorbital rejuvenation by addressing fine under-eye lines, Crow’s Feet, dark eye circles and droopy eyelids. It can be safely applied to the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the wider periorbital region which is often difficult to treat, as other technologies failed to deliver consistent results or cannot be safely applied to these sensitive areas.

Clinical studies show significant tightening – Mean 22% improvement in upper eyelid tightening (JOCD 7, 169-179, 2008)

✓ Diminishes the appearance of any surface scarring including acne scars, old surgical scars and stretch marks.
✓ Targets unwanted pigmentation including sun spots, age spots and Melasma.
✓ Addresses Actinic Keratoses, a type of precancerous skin lesions.
✓ Treats active acne in selected cases.
✓ Clinical studies demonstrated long lasting effects with intense fibroblast activity supporting continued neocollagenesis and elastosis reduction for more than 12 months post treatment.



As with most, if not all light and laser treatments, it is important to avoid unnecessary sun exposure and be adequately protected from any. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 50 or more to protect your skin during both the healing phase and for several months after treatment. When outdoors under direct sunlight, the use of an umbrella or wide brimmed-hat should be considered for added protection.

Get your doctor to review and assess your usual skin care regime. Following treatment, harsh ingredients such as retinol and fruit acids (AHAs/BHAs), commonly found in many anti-aging products, should be laid off for at least a week. Your skin may feel dryer than usual, keep it well hydrated at all times with a good moisturizer. If you are using products to tone down the redness, opt for non-comedogenic mineral makeup which will allow your skin to breathe and prevent pores from clogging during the healing phase.



Each person’s skin is unique, but clinical studies suggest that for most patients looking for improved texture and skin tightening with notice appreciable results after 3 to 5 sessions done regularly at 4 to 6 weeks’ intervals.



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