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Everyone knows that chemical peels can eliminate the dull, damaged top layer of the skin, revealing the beautiful, healthy tissue below. Unfortunately, chemical peels also have the reputation as being harsh on tissues, with heavy peeling, and a recovery time that may last for several weeks. Advances in science and medical breakthroughs are changing the way we view these procedures, however. Today, Skin By Design offers patients an innovative choice in chemical treatments, the VI Peel, which provides all of the traditional benefits, without the difficult healing process.

VI Peel

One of the safest and most effective chemical peels available, the VI Peel consistently provides patients with excellent skin rejuvenating results. The treatment is so gentle that it can be used to treat delicate areas of the face, such as underneath the eyes. The peel will eliminate hyperpigmentation, improve sun damage, diminish wrinkles, and eradicate acne scarring. The body’s natural Collagen growth and Elastin production are triggered after the VI Peel, continuing to improve the appearance over several months.

The VI Peel uses a unique combination of ingredients for optimal skin renewal:

  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) – smooth’s deep scars and stimulates Collagen growth
  • Retin-A – softens fine lines and moderate wrinkles
  • Salicylic Acid – exfoliates the tissue and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Phenol – treats deep lines and creases
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant used to brighten the skin

The VI Peel has several benefits over the other chemical peels on the market. The treatment is virtually pain-free; only a slight tingling sensation is felt during the application. There is no downtime required after the VI Peel; patients are free to return to work, school, and other normal activities immediately after treatment. The actually peeling process is light and can be masked with a moisturizer, if needed. Finally, unlike harsher treatments, the VI Peel is safe for all ages, skin types, and ethnicities.

The VI Peel Process

After the consultation with one of the experts at Skin By Design, you will be ready to begin your VI Peel. The provider will first thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing all traces of oil and dirt. The VI Peel solution is then applied to the face in layers, which will then remain on the skin for four hours. The office appointment will take about 30 minutes from start to finish. Our expert estheticians will provide clear instructions on when and how to remove the VI Peel at home. An after-care kit will be provided, and we will educate you on the best way to use these products to ensure optimal results.

During the healing process, patients should avoid sun exposure, wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, and refrain from using any products not specified by Skin By Design. The facial tissue is delicate and sensitive after a VI Peel, and not carefully following our after-care instructions can lead to further tissue damage. Makeup can be worn after the treatment, although during the three to four ‘peeling’ days, you should hold off on the application of cosmetics. Moisturizer can be used during the healing process, masking the appearance of the light, feathery peeling.

Results from a VI Peel

Three days after your VI Peel, the skin will begin to flake. This part of the process will take from three to four days, after which time new, healthy tissue will begin to show. About seven days after the peeling has finished, the final effects from your VI Peel will be visible. The skin will look luminous, smooth, and soft. Hyperpigmentation will be eliminated, tone and texture will be improved, and a more radiant appearance can be seen. A single VI Peel can significantly repair sun damaged, aging skin. However, in order to achieve optimal results, more than one VI Peel is necessary. A series of four treatments, spaced four weeks apart, can fully rejuvenate and repair the skin, providing a youthful appearance.





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