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Gregg Kennedy

After a number of years working in urgent and ambulatory care in rural and underserved communities, Dr. Kennedy pursued his dream of providing the same high-quality care to those seeking cosmetic and anti-aging treatment. Further postgraduate training and experience in Botox, fillers, collagen stimulation, face and lip lift, laser liposuction and body sculpting, and use of biological fillers like platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin gave him a substantial toolbox to enhance and restore facial and body contours lost to aging. Laser skin resurfacing and laser treatment of pigment and vascular disorders has been a key part of training and practice emphasis. Hair restoration and use of PRF in improving follicle production became part of active practice. Male enhancement with hormone replacement was added to the practice, as was menopause management with bioidentical hormones. Medical evaluation along with genetic assessment of appetite, vitamin and exercise-related genes opens the door to effective exercise and weight loss management for our patients. Recent educational attainments include participation in the 2019 American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery meeting in Denver, Colorado in March, 2019.


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